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Engineering & Technical

Most Sri Lankan factories running without proper engineering methodoly. It is most managerial aspect and top managers think it is managing factories.
Only they take management decision and process the factories according to the management knowledge. Finally, most of the factor is they are day to day works which learn from European and Chinese Engineers.
Therefore, most of factories unable to foresee the future of the factories and end up with outdated technology and high cost of manufacturing. Ultimately, they decided to close down factories and try to import from China.

CGI Lanka gives expert support on following

(1) Production methodology to reduce production cost.
(2) Introduce new methodology for the production process
(3) Design and implements automated production technology
(4) Introduce new materials and raw material selection process
(5) Introduce cost effective method for processing

Mechanical Engineering Consulting

Mechanical engineering is at our core.   Our professional mechanical  engineering enables our clients to achieve their goals through uncompromising  quality, technical excellence, and personal service.  

Whether you need a short-term or in-house consultant, our core team of mechanical  engineering consultants can provide the full range of expertise your business requirements. Mechanical Engineering Experts

Our core team of mechanical engineers and scientists, aided by our allied consultants,  have decades of experience with high technology,  industry, semiconductor, energy, medical equipment, and automotive, as well as many others.

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