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BOI is Board of Investors

It is created to give opportunity to non Sri Lankan investors to invest in Sri Lanka.
As an investor, you may select the following options to locate your project within Sri Lanka:

Locate your project within a BOI administered Export Processing Zone or Industrial Park (with required  infrastructure facilities) on long-term lease basis. These zones/parks are more suitable for industrial  manufacturing and processing businesses.
Locate your project outside zones   Purchase a privately owned land on outright purchase or lease basis.  
There are government owned lands available for long term lease under different government agencies. Acquisition of government lands involves a comparatively lengthy process and valuation is based on current  market price.

CGI Lanka can support for foreign investors to support all the activities required for the investment process.
CGI Lanka can provide land facilities as well as factories
For Human esourcesrs finding and recruitment and assist.

BOI projects
Why You Should Invest in Sri Lanka
Strategic Access to Key Markets in the World

Only country in the world that has Free Trade Agreements with both India & Pakistan Already giving you Free Trade access to approximately 25% of world’s population
Free Trade Agreement being negotiated with China which is expected to be finalized in early 2014
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